Humor Monologue delivered at Toastmasters meeting – May 30, 2012

Read the set-up below and then read the monologue.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1. I arrived at the meeting only in the second half. I missed 2 speeches and the tabletopics. I had a meeting at office and hence couldn’t make it in time.

2. After arriving at the Toastmasters meeting, during the break, everyone asked me why I was late. Thiru, one of the Toastmasters, caught me up on what happened in the 1st half – Wilhelm gave speech on Fear of public speaking and Chris gave speech on researching your topic before speech. The tabletopics for that meeting was travelling and places that you would like to travel.

3. Navin evaluated Chris’s speech. He told the opening was stong and grabbed everyone’s attention.

4. Tobias evaluated Wilhelm’s speech and he said it was absolutely fantastic. Tobias appreciated Wilhelm as his speech wasn’t just one sided, rather he invited everyone to express their opinion on something.

5. Mei did two roles – keeping the timer for speech and counting ah and um. Zhou commented that Mei has three hands and she can do multi roles.

6. At the end of the meeting Bieneke announced that there are many roles that need to be filled up for this year – Club President, Vice President, Finance management etc – and asked if anyone would volunteer.


*I opened my mouth wide open and rotated my head 160 degrees to look at everyone*
See, That’s the only opening that I can give to my speech.

There are 3 ways to grab everyone’s attention: Stong Opening, Talk with proper intonation, or arrive at the meeting in the 2nd half.

Tobias gave very good feedback about Wilhelm’s speech on Fear of public speaking. It’s because Wilhelm is a very good speaker and Tobias has fear of Wilhelm.

Wilhelm invited everyone to participate in his speech. Sorry, Wilhelm. I noticed 26 missed calls from you only after arriving at the meeting.

Today’s tabletopics is about travelling. I love travelling. I travel a lot. That must’ve been evident from the time I reached the meeting. I actually started for the meeting yesterday morning.

I have 4 hands. I have 4 hands. Don’t look at me like that. Two can mistakenly become four when I have fear of public speaking.

Our club is a stong competitor for Chris. Yeah, it also has a “STRONG OPENING”… for many roles.

I’d have volunteered for some roles… if there were roles like Romeo, Hamlet, or a loser.

I think, loser is a strong closer.


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