Area-level Humor Speech Contest

Area-level humor speech contest was fun. I didn’t prepare a new speech. I was very busy in the last 2 weeks. Busy setting up and snoozing alarm. So I decided that I would tailor my speech based on the things that happen during the meeting. Here is the my speech at the club-level contest. I altered many things in this speech. To find the additions funny, read the below set up (things which happened during the contest) After the contest was over, every participant was interviewed. That was very funny. Read until the end to find out what happened.

Things which happened during the contest, before I delivered my speech:

1. Before humor speech contest, there was another contest – table topics contest. The topic that was given to the contestants was “How would you tell your life partner that you have affair with someone?”. Chris was one of the contestants. He said, “Hi sarah, I have fallen in love with one person. I get everything I need from that person… blah blah blah.” And finally told, “Meet my new love, George”. Nobody expected the punchline – that the affair was with another man. Everybody laughed.

2. One of the contestants in humor speech contest was Chris. He played a game with the audience. He gave a card to everyone which read, “pig, elephant, magician, evil.” Everyone acted like the animal/thing that they got and read the lines written on the card.

3. The contest rule is that the contestants should speak at least for 5 minutes and not more than 7 minutes.

4. Paul conducted a workshop before the contest. He told that people running in a marathon run the first 21 kms with ease. The difficulty is between 22 AND 29 kms. When they complete 29, they know that they have completed 75% and they run the remaining 12 kms and complete the marathon. If they don’t complete 29, they normally give up. (Psychological fact)

Additions to my old speech:

1. I said good evening to everyone before I started my speech. I said it like this “Good evening pig, elephant, magician, evil and others”

2. I have fear of public speaking. I normally feel nervous when I speak in front of an audience. Especially when there is someone in the audience whose name badge reads ‘George’. Obviously you know the reason. If you don’t know, ask Chris.

3. Speaking in a contest is easy for me during the first 3 minutes. The difficulty is between the 4th and 5th minute. When I complete 5 minutes, I feel confident that I can complete my speech, because I already would’ve completed 75% and the audience must be deep asleep.

Now the interview part: Marcel interviewed the participants. He interviewed Chris first.
Marcel: You never have given a humor speech. What inspired you to participate in humor speech contest?
Chris: I am British. And Britishers have humor in their blood. So naturally, I decided to participate in this contest.

Then the next was me.
Marcel: Bala, you’re new in the club. you have not even completed the general topics. But now you are participating in a particular genre (humor) contest. What inspired you?
Me: You already know the answer. Britishers ruled India for hundreds of years. To take revenge, I am here to rule them in comedy. (looking at Chris)
Marcel: What do you think is the difference between Indian and British humor?
Me: There are lot of differences. For example, I can understand Indian humor, but not the British. I have difficulty understanding British slang.

Marcel couldn’t control laughter. He stopped questioning and said, “Thanks you, Bala, for giving interview”

Nobody participated from the other clubs. There were only 2 participants (Chris and Me) So by default, we both are entering the next level – division level contest – which is on Oct 27 in Utrecht. Chris was the winner of the area-level contest and I came second. or in other words, I came last. Chris is a very good speaker. But I am a very good ‘spoker’ or ‘willspeaker’. What about now? I have to snooze an alarm that has just gone off.


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