Humor Monologue delivered at Toastmasters meeting – Oct 17, 2012

Read the set-up below and then read the monologue.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1. I evaluated Radomir’s ice-breaker speech. Radomir, during his speech, told that he worked in the US, Swiss, Germany etc in various sectors – Radio, Banking, Research, Teacher etc.

2. Keith, one of the speakers, told that it rains all the time in England.

3. Wilhelm gave a small toy shoe to Zhou during the table topics section and asked him to speak about it and what he liked about it.

4. Chris was called to speak during the table topics, but he gave his chance to one of the guests.

5. Word of the day was “HAPPINESS”

6. Bieneke gave a speech. Her speech title was “How to get a job in Healthcare”. During her speech, she told that somebody asked her, “Do you want to work for free?”

7. While she gave the speech, someone’s mobile phone rang and she was not distracted by it. Her evaluator appreciated it during evaluation. He said that normally speakers would get distracted.

8. Radomir, while ending his speech, told, “I guess I have told all the points I noted down during my speech. I will take a look at the notes once I get back to my seat”

9. Remi, at the end of his speech, asked, “Are you ready to adapt? Are you ready for the changes?”


1. *I played a ringtone in my mobile* Hello, good evening all. I just played that ringtone, so everyone gets distracted and I have Bieneke’s attention.

2. It seems Radomir worked at many places – Radio, Research, Banking, Teaching etc etc. Now, after this meeting, he’ll start looking for a job in healthcare.

3. Had somebody offered Chris a job in healthcare, do you know what he would’ve said? He would’ve said, “I would like to give this opportunity to one of the guests.”

4. One guy asked me, “Do you want to work for free?” I said, “Sure, why not!! Show me where Mr.Free is” (Lame, but it worked a little bit)

5. Remi can’t ask the question “Are you ready for the changes?” in England. Because change never happens there. It’s always rainy season in England.

6. If you want to excel in something, wear the shoes of someone who’s better at it. That explains why Wilhelm gave Zhou a shoe.

7. Have I missed any point in my speech? Let me check later the notes of everyone.

8. OK, I am finishing my speech now. As I say this sentence, I can see HAPPINESS on all the faces.


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