Transit at Dubai

Dubai is one of the greatest countries in the world. Yeah, many people still think that it’s a country. Poor them. They don’t even have the brains to know that Dubai is a school, where they wear white uniforms.

While I went to India from the Nederlands on vacation, I flew via Dubai. I had had to wait in the Dubai airport for couple of hours. This post is about my life-changing moments in the Dubai Airport.

I was sitting near the Burger King, near B16 and B17 gates, eating a chicken burger with extra cheese, in the Dubai airport. At that time, I happened to see a muscular man sipping champagne with his girlfriend. I also wanted the same. Er, I don’t mean his girlfriend or his champagne. I mean the muscular body like him. It reminded me the muscular body that I had an year ago. That man inspired me and immediately I decided to work towards six pack. As the first step, I dropped the chicken burger with extra cheese. I looked at the burger and said “CHEE… CHEE… CHEE”. In other words, I spit out many CHEEs.

The table cleaner in Burger King looked at the chicken burger which was lying down and said to me something in Arab language. I didn’t quite understand what he said. But from his looks, I could understand that he was saying something like, “Idha yaaru unga appanaa alluvaan? (Who’ll clean this? Your father?)” I just smiled at him and said, “My father is in India.”

He then said, “No, I mean, do you want another one?”

I said, “No. No. I am fine with one father.”

He said, “No. I mean the burger, sir.”

I said, “I think that the burger doesn’t need a father too.”

Once I said that, the waiter just ran away. I thought that he was also trying for six pack and ‘running’ was his morning workout. I also started running to follow him. When he looked at me running behind him, he doubled his speed. Then only I realised that he was not running for 6 pack. It occured to me that he was running for home delivery. Poor guy. They should allow bikes within the airport terminal. How else can they deliver the food quickly!!

While he was running, he suddenly took a left turn and entered men’s restroom and went inside a stall and locked. I wondered, “Wow!!! Toilet stall delivery!!!” I was happy to see that Dubai is coming up with nice ideas. But I didn’t have any idea why some English people in the restroom gave me the “What? Are you insane?” look when I said to the person inside the toilet stall, “Enjoy your meal, sir.” I realised that they gave me that look because a woman might have been there in the toilet stall. So I corrected myself and said, “Enjoy your meal, madam.”

Suddenly, one of the English guys went out, then came back in, and said, “No. It’s men’s toilet only.” I pitied them because the English guy needed to read twice to understand something which was written in English. But I got it right the first time. For the first time in my life, I was proud about my English. I just remembered my first English teacher, Kamala, who taught me the rhyme, “Johnny Johnny yes papa. Eating burger no papa.” OK. That incident inspired me to follow strict diet and work out for six pack.

I arrived at the Chennai airport after few hours. My family and friends were there to welcome me. My mom was standing there, with tears on her eyes, saying, “I am proud of you, my son.” She continued, “I’m proud because you’ve developed the skill to hide a lot of things inside your shirt to escape the customs.” I said, “Mom, that’s my stomach.”

She asked me, “OK, leave that. What do you want for breakfast? Vada, Pongal, Appam?” I said, “No mom!! I want porridge made with oat, three boiled eggs without the yolk and an apple. And I prefer my apple without cheese.” At that time, my friend interrupted and said, “I want to capture the precious moment of you coming back to the home country.” He added, “Hello everyone, look at the camera… and say ‘cheese’.” I said, “No cheese.”


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    1. Hi, I just read your post.. brilliant.. right away, I’ve become your fan.

      1. Glad you liked it 🙂
        Don’t forget to follow me for more funny, but true stories.

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