M.A. Philosophy

In the Dubai airport, I happened to strike a conversation with someone who has an opinion that Masters degree is necessary to be intelligent. Let that person’s name be S MS ME. Don’t read it as ‘SMS ME’. The person’s name is S, and the degrees S holds are MS and ME. But, according to me, to prove that you are intelligent, it’s just enough to keep the toilet seat up.

Most of the Indians want to do Masters degree abroad. They want to do MS in America, ME in Australia, and MBA in planet Jumbalaika. They always like to fly. Maybe that’s how they coined the phrase ‘higher’ studies. I predict that people with this kind of opinion are growing. It’s apparent that Gautham Menon was inspired by ‘one of them’ and allowed the hero to do MBA in IIM Kozhikode in his latest venture ‘Neethane En Foreign Vasantham’. (Note that GVM never allowed heroes of his movies to do anything other than Mechanical Engineering. Having 76 arrears was MUST)

Let’s see some of the favorites of these people

Favorite cricketer: MS Dhoni
Fav. musician: MS Viswanathan
Fav. animal: Cow… because it moos MA
Fav. railway station: Chennai Egmore (MS)
Fav. room: Master bedroom
Fav. drink: Degree coffee

I can keep adding more and more to this list to make this a syllabus of Master of Mannangkatti, which will be studied by countless people who don’t even have time to put the toilet seat up.

Couple of weeks ago, I was having a conversation with some people who have masters degrees.

Master degree people: I have MS, M.E., M.Phil and even more degrees. What do you have?
Me: I have 100 degrees… Fahrenheit body temperature.

I can just imagine a future Advertisement like this: “Urgently Needed – A+ve blood… of someone who did MS in Oxford University and passed out with 99.99% or more.” What they don’t know is that people can mistake this Ad for a Bata shoe Ad. Then in the next week, you can expect an Ad from the same person like this. “My son, who did MS in Oxford University and passed out with 99.99% has passed away. I’m 99.99% sure.”

My point is simple. Don’t look down on someone just because he/she has less number of degrees than you. Because if you look down on, you’ll have to make an angle at certain degrees. Just look them straight in the eye. Making NO DEGREE at all.

Note: If you think I’m right and want to support me ‘SMS ME’ with the following text – “ToiletSeatUp Your Great-Grand Parents’ Name”. You can SMS to any number because I randomly steal people’s mobiles. So, I’m sure I’ll somehow receive your message. Thanks for your mobile… er, support.


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