Wake up brother, it’s midnight

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3:30 a.m.
I woke up at 3:30 a.m., but my brother was still sleeping. I wanted to wake him up too. Try waking someone up at 3:30 a.m. It’ll be fun. Warning: Don’t try this at your neighbours’ home.

My brother is a chain sleeper. He sleeps a lot. People, when they wake up in the morning would ask, “what time is it?” But my brother, when he wakes up, would ask, “what day is it?”

In our house, before we go to sleep at night, we would say to each other ‘goodnight’, but to my brother, we would say, ‘good 3-days-and-nights’.

His mobile ringtone is snoring sound. His daily workout is sleepwalking. His laptop will always be in sleep mode. His ambition is to become a sleeper cell. OK, I made up the last one.

I have to mention an incident that happened couple of years ago on my brother’s birthday. My cousins bought my brother a costly thing as birthday gift and kept it as a secret. On his birthday party, my cousins said to my brother, “close your eyes. We have a secret gift for you.” My brother closed his eyes… and then the gift remained a secret to him for the next 3 days. On the 3rd day, he eagerly unwrapped our cousins’ gift to find a 10 Rs. timepiece.

OK enough about my brother. Let’s see what happened at 3:30 a.m.

I tried to wake my brother up very gently, like saying ‘wake up, brother… wake up’ in his ear and jumping up and down on his stomach.

While I was jumping up and down on my brother’s stomach, my dad said to me, “Why don’t you try a little lower?”

“Paaa !! what do you mean lower?”

“Er, I mean why don’t you try lowering your voice a little when you shout ‘wake up’.”

“Oh OK. clear. Lazy fellow. He has never seen sunrise in his life.”

“And I have never seen my son rise (from sleep).”

While I was helping my brother get out of sleep, my mom shouted, “why are you disturbing him da? You go and get ready na.”

“Ma, how come he always gets to sleep more than I do?”

“Because he has a rock solid stomach da.”

That reminded me to restart my activity. I again started jumping up and down on his stomach. “Wake up da… wake up.”

“Maa, can you give me my skipping rope? As I am jumping anyway, I’ll complete my workout – skipping the rope on his stomach.”

“OK. Has your brother woken up?”

“No, ma”

“Did you try to wake him up? I mean did you jump on his stomach?”

“Yes ma. That didn’t help.”

“OK. Did you try biting his ear?”

“No ma. But thanks for reminding.”

While I was about to bite my brother’s ear, someone rang the door bell. I went out to see who that was. Kamalkanth, one of our neighbors, stepped inside our house. He’s a good friend of my brother.

“What are doing here now, Kamal?”

“I have come here to gift something to your brother for the house warming function.”

“OK. Come on in.”

After he came in, he found my brother still sleeping. He went near my brother and said, “hello brother, wake up. It’s 3:46 already.” To everyone’s surprise, my brother woke up. He flexed his feet, stretched his hands, and slapped hard on Kamal’s face. My brother asked Kamal, “Why the heck did you jump up and down on my stomach?”

“I promise on physics book 226th page that I didn’t jump on your stomach. But I like that idea.”

“OK. Then what do you do here at this time?”

“I have come here to give you a secret gift. I’ll give it to you now. First close your eyes.”

When we heard the phrase “close your eyes”, we all shouted in unison “Nooooooooo”

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