The funny & clever question

Today, we had a National Toastmaster officers training in Nijkerk. Toastmaster officers from different clubs from all parts of the country attended the training. I am the secretary of Eindhoven Toastmasters club and I attended the training too. It was a great chance to meet Toastmasters from all over the country. It was a day well spent. In this post, I am sharing the funny & clever question that made audience go wowww and also some more funny lines at the end.

Laverne, the Division governor, started the meeting by telling a story. Story – A kid asked her mom a question, “Mom, why do you chop off the head and tail of fish before cooking?” The mom said, “I don’t know. My mom used to do it and I follow it.” That was not an answer the kid expected. So, she ran over to her grand ma’s house, which was 3 blocks away. The kid knocked grand ma’s house door. Grand ma opened the door and was surprised to see the kid, “Hey dear, what do you want?” The kid said, “I have a question.” The grand mom said, “Yes, go ahead.” The kid continued, “Why do you chop off the head and tail of fish before cooking?” Grand ma replied, “I don’t know. My mom used to do it and I follow it.” The kid wasn’t satisfied with the answer.

The kid came back home and asked her mom to put a call to her granny, who was in another city, so she could ask the question. The mom got irritated and dialed granny. The call got connected. “Come on, talk with your granny,” said the mom. The kid ran to the phone and enthusiastically asked the question, “Granny, granny. I have a question. Why do you chop off the head and tail of fish before cooking?” The granny responded, “Oh dear, that one ah? I used to chop off the head and tail of fish before cooking because in those days, the pan was too small.”

From this story, Laverne, conveyed the message that asking questions is the right way to learn new things. If you don’t ask questions, you might just end up doing dumb things.” The question I asked was about this thing. I’ll come to the question soon. But, you need to know few more things so you will understand why I asked the question.

Someone referred Daniel, a toastmaster from Amsterdam, as a person who evolved from uncontrollable dynamite to controllable dynamite because he won the district level speech competition couple of months ago. Daniel gave a speech about speech contests. He wrote down on the board, “Why? When? Where? With?” etc. He was explaining why we need contests etc.

Nichol gave an interesting speech about the toastmasters website “easyspeak”. The toastmaster officers have super power which the normal toastmaster members dont have, like administering the users, scheduling meetings etc on easyspeak. He was explaining as to how we can well utilize easyspeak website. At the end of the presentation, he asked the audience if anyone had any question. So, here comes the question I asked. Some audience thought I insulted Nichol, but later realized that it was a joke that was well framed. Here is the question.

“Nichol, I have a question. Oh wait, can you give me your granny’s number? Because she might have a better answer.”

I also prepared a humor monologue to present at the end of the training. But, we already ran out of time and hence I didn’t get a chance to deliver that monologue. I liked these jokes very much. Sharing those with you, as well.

1. Good evening people with super power. Hello batman, superman, and fish woman.

2. My speech is going to be very short. My speech is only going to have body. It won’t have opening and closing. Because my family always chop off head and tail.

3. You all know 3G? Actually 3G plays an important role in answering all our questions. Yeah, 3G: god, google, and granny.

4. Look at the questions on board: “Why? When? Where? With?” Laverne’s family isn’t going to like it. Because they don’t like asking questions.

5. Today, I came to know that Toastmasters is the place where we can develop our speaking skills, leadership skills, and dynamite-controlling skills.

6. Thank you for the opportunity. See you all soon sometime. Because, not only Laverne’s family pan, but the world is also too small.


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