How to sell a bike: Tutorial

By bike, I don’t mean the motor vehicle you are imagining. I mean the bicycle. Bicycles are called pedal bikes or bikes. In this post, I am going to share the funny ad that I gave to sell the cycle and the responses I got.

History of that bike:
It’s a secondhand bike owned by my roommate. He bought it for 50 Euros an year ago. The back tyre is completely gone now. Changing the tyre will cost 30 Euros. So, instead of doing that, he bought another secondhand bike for 45 Euros (which is really good). So, I gave an ad to sell his old cycle. Here is the ad that I gave in ISN.

Ad in ISN:
Hi ISNers,

I would like to sell my bike for 40 Euros. The bike is in good condition, except that you have to change the back tyre. And there is no light.

All gears are working except 2. The rest 1 gear is working perfectly fine. Who needs more than one gear!!

You may also have to change the front tyre in a month. or a day depending upon when you complete 3.6 meters of ride.

Brakes are working perfectly fine. But you have to apply the brakes before 3 hours if you wish to stop somewhere.

The bike has too much demand. There are already 3 guys in queue to buy this bike. But i want to sell it to some good person. So, hurry up.

I have 10 years of biking experience. And I tell you that you will never see such a bike in your entire life. It’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you need the pics of the bike just let me know. I am a professional photographer. So, be ready to pay. Not much costly. Just 45 Euros for 1024*768 resolution pic. A picture is worth 1000 words you know? 0.45 Euros per word.

Amazing Bike owner

Here is the pic of the bike


Here are some of the responses to the ad.
Response from Srinivasan Narayanasamy:
Hi Bala,

I liked your writing style. Keep it up.
After long time, I am reading an interesting email

Best Regards

Response from Maria Fernanda:
Hi bala,

I would like to see the pic of this bike. I am interested ib buy it



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