Humor Monologue delivered at Toastmasters meeting – August 7, 2013

Read the set-up below and then read the humor monologue.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered)

1. Chris told that he saw a guy with swollen face in Taiwan. That guy looked like drunk for 20 years.

2. Marcel did project called “Read out loud” in which he read out the whole speech. In the beginning of his speech, he told, “When you see me reading, it’s not that I’m not prepared. This is actually my project.”

3. Radomir told that people had to pay $100 extra to join the quick line in the airport. But he wasn’t willing to pay. So, he had to jog in the airport to catch the connecting flight.

4. Pierre gave his 1st speech. He told that he is going to do a big project: his marriage. He also told that he had got a baby through that to-be wife recently. After his speech, Rohit took a pic of Pierre with the Toastmasters pin to post on our FB wall.

5. Chris, during his speech, told that he and his friend went to a church for an interview, where they (the church people) got his friend’s mobile number and email. His friend was afraid for a long time that the church guys would contact him to convert his religion.

6. Chris told that he saw King Kong outside a convenient store jokingly.

7. Each evaluator took too much time to complete their evaluation of the speeches.

8. Jan told that he was once afraid of a picture on the wall.

9. Floris gave a speech. His speech title was “New Babylon”.

10. Rohit, the general evaluator told that the individual toastmasters gave their feedback to the speakers before the actual evaluators gave their evaluation, which shouldn’t be done. So, he advised the Toastmasters to give their feedback to the speakers at the end of the meeting.

11. Jitske had hard time pronouncing Radomir. She tried several times, but couldn’t.

12. During the break, most people had beer.

13. Mario told that he cried after watching a movie.

The Humor Monologue

1. Dear Toastmasters, guests, and especially Radomir (I didn’t pronounce it correctly)

2. You all are drunk for 20 minutes. I can see your faces are starting to swell.

3. When you see me reading this from paper, I’m actually not prepared.

4. Many people have registered to give speeches in the upcoming meetings. So, if you want to give your speech first, and quick, that would be $100 please.

5. I have a dream: To work in a big project – my marriage. Ok, I’m just kidding. My actual dream is to work in many big projects.

6. Mario cried because on that day he was getting ready for his big project.

7. We all know that Radomir jogged in the airport. But what we don’t know is that he jogged in the luggage belt.

8. Can you all give me your mobile numbers, email id and other contact details. I want to convert you all into King Kong.

9. Floris talked about new Babylon. Pierre has done half of it already. He has a new baby. He can complete it if he applies for a new loan and gets it.

10. Couple of meetings ago, Marcel talked for 20 minutes, which is 8 minutes over time. I was little relieved today because he can’t talk anything more than what’s written on the script.

11. Jan was afraid of the picture on the wall. Today, Rohit will post the picture of Pierre with Toastmasters pin on our Facebook wall.

12. Normally, each Toastmaster gives his feedback to the speakers at the end of the meeting. But, today, after looking at the time each evaluator took, they gave their feedback asap.


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