Anna Hazare jokes

I started writing jokes in 2011. Most of my jokes at that time were about Anna Hazare. Because I knew that he didn’t have the strength to look for me, find me, and kill me. In 2011, I only wrote few jokes… and all were lame. But now, I have improved a lot and started writing *more* lame jokes. This is the compilation of Anna Hazare jokes I wrote in Dec 2011 – tribute to the man who inspires the African kids.


Anna’s earlier fasts were big tests for the government. Now he’s going to try a one-day fast. What next? Fast While Asleep?

Anna is trying different kinds of fast: one-day, one-week, marathon etc. Maybe one day, he is going to come up with a fancy term like “Fast until Sachin’s 100th 100”.

I have a dream. That one day. I will become a kick-ass scientist. And find a cure for Anna Hazare’s Anorexia.

There are two types of politicians: One who eats money; And one who eats nothing.

Anna may move his fast from Delhi to Mumbai to avoid harsh winter. Good thinking. What if Mumbai offers bad weather too? eFast?

Gandhi: Do or Die
Anna: Fast or… Fast at some other place.

Anna says, “Will keep fighting till last breath.” Great Anna. You’ve just come up with the best tagline for a mouthwash product.

Anna announces “Jail Bharo” if no Lokpal Bill. On hearing the news, the jailers come out in support of Lokpal.

“I’ll give rose to PM if he passes the Lokpal Bill,” says Anna. Do you see the irony here? Corruption in passing the anti-corruption bill.

Maybe Anna should consider fasting in an appropriate place. Maidan has a ‘Maida’ in it.

Food Inflation plunges to 4-year low of 1.81%. But it isn’t going to make any difference… to Anna.

Now we know why Anna is still single. He always rejects. (Comment about Anna rejecting all versions of Lokpal bill)

Team Anna opens registration for “Jail Bharo”. If you are unable to register… slap a politician.

Team Anna opens registration for “Jail Bharo”. So far, 8800 people have registered… the names of their worst enemies.

Register for Jail Bharo using SMS. Send “Jail CityName” to 575758. e.g. Send “Jail Mumbai” if you have access to a stranger’s mobile.

Anna’s wonderful gift to Indians this Christmas would be “him eating some food”. Of course, poisoned.

Almost after 2 years, an Anna joke by me in 2013:
Anna Hazare to visit the US, ring the bell at NASDAQ, and have dinner with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. This will be his 1st time. I mean “eating food”.


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