Humor Monologue delivered at Area Contest – March 30, 2014

Read the set-up below and then read the humor monologue.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered)

1. Chris said that British people start drinking and never stop.

2. He said that too much alcohol will cause hangover and memory loss eventually. And when people are fully drunk, they repeat telling the same thing lot of times.

3. Nicole said that her mother would only drink BLACK coffee. No milk. No sugar. She would carry the sugar cubes that they give in the shops in her carry bag back home.

4. Robert said that he met the 2007 world champion, Vikas Jhingran, in Amsterdam. Robert expected to see a god of speaking. But what he got to see was just a man of flesh, bone, and blood. What he meant was that the speech Vikas gave on that day was not on par with the speech that won him the championship.

5. Arnout said that he once went on a blind date.

6. Robert, during his speech asked all the competitors to show their hands. Robert’s evaluator told that his face expressions could be better.

7. Marieke’s table topic was about money. She ended her speech by saying, “Show me the money”.

8. Rohit was sitting during the whole contest wearing black glasses.

The Humor Monologue
1. Good evening guys. Good evening guys. Good evening guys… (I took a glass of beer in my hand and showed that to the audience)

2. I’m a secret judge. All you non-competitors, show your hand. And all you competitors, show your money.

3. Rohit, I see that you are wearing black glasses. Hmmm, let me guess. Blind date?

4. Robert, I have some tips for you to improve your facial expression. If you want to express disgust, just look at me.

5. Nicole was afraid of her mother all her life. Nicole was afraid that her mother would put her inside a carry bag and carry everywhere. Because her mother used to call her “Sugar”.

6. There is a board outside Nicole’s home for the guests. It reads, “Bring your own milk”.

7. The world champion, an Indian, is man of flesh, bone, and blood, right? I met another world champion, a British, is man of flesh, bone, and beer.

8. British start drinking and they never stop. Reason: Memory loss. They forget that they had a beer 6 minutes ago.

9. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… (me showing the beer glass)


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