How to improvise

Tonight, our office celebrated an yearly function called ‘Sparkles’ which is a combined celebration of Diwali, Sinterklaas, Christmas. During that function, there was a game show and I improvised on that game show. I wanted to give this improvised speech immediately after the game show since it would have more effect and connect with the audience. But the hosts denied giving me a chance since they were running out of time. Anyhow they said that I could give this speech during the openmic when everyone starts eating. I did that, but 90% of the audience were not in a receptive mood and it was a bad bad idea to have decided to give that speech when the audience were eating. Still, some colleagues appreciated and told that the jokes were funny afterwards. Here is what happened during the game show and below that you will find my improvised speech.

Game show:
The hosts asked the audience these 3 questions.
1. Whoever has got the longest nail in the audience can come and collect the prize.
2. Whoever in the audience has a pink kerchief can come and collect the prize.
3. Whoever in the audience can laugh out loud can collect the prize. Only one person came forward to laugh, he loudly said ‘Ha ha’ and collected the prize.

Improvised Speech:
1. Good evening people who have long nails, short nails, and no nails.

2. I am going to tell jokes. I think I am going to have a hard time because I know that there is only one person in this house who knows how to laugh.

3. I am going to tell you why I didn’t win those 3 prizes even I could have. First of all tell me how many of you like soccer.. Please raise your legs.

4. Before coming to this function I was watching a soccer match between ManU and Man City. The match was so interesting. That had a nail-biting finish. I ate my all my nails. Now you know why no prize for the 1st question.

5. Once I ran out of all my nails, I mistakenly ate my pink hand kerchief.

6. My favorite team lost the match. I have been crying ever since that time. And you are asking me to laugh out loud??

7. What a pity!! To wipe my tears, I don’t even have a kerchief.

8. Now the 4th question to you. Whoever can make me laugh will get all my nails.

9. Thank you very much… for not laughing.


3 responses

  1. That was really sportive from your end…As per my opinion do not wait from anyone to appreciate you for what you are doing rather you just do your job and the person who is really interested to follow you will definitely do from anywhere he is there within….all the best…..

    1. Hi Shreya,

      Thank you for those motivating words.

  2. thanks for your suggestion.its point very useful.

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