Jokes written for celebrities’ birthday in 2014

Today is Rahul Dravid’s birthday.
Born on a perfect day that resembles his ability of rotating strike. 11-1.

Aamir Khan is an opportunist. I think he chose to be born on this day so that everybody would say “I love you”. 14th March. 1-4-3.

Both Modi and Rajinikanth are of the same age.
Modi is 63 years old. And Rajinikanth is 63 years young.

Happy birthday Ashish Nehra. Be happy. Always keep smiling. Oh wait… nooo…

Update from Dhoni’s b’day party:
None of the guests could have tea or coffee. Dhoni took all the cups.

Happy birthday Katrina Kaif. It wouldn’t really matter even if I said “Sad b’day” or “Angry b’day”. For you, every expression is same.

My bestest favorite Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday today.
Had he been alive, I would have given Alfred Hitchcock presents. Since he’s not, watching “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”.

Chennai turns 375 today.
Hey Chennai. Even at this old age, you are too hot.

Today is captain Vijayakanth’s birthday. Hope he has bought new dresses.
Quarter boxer. Half trouser. Full pant.

Today is L.K. Advani’s birthday. I hope he will arrange a big party, a lot of people will join, and finally, Modi will cut the cake.

For Mulayam Singh’s b’day, a 75-foot-long cake has been imported. Whoa!
Seems someone has taken seriously the cliche “Politicians have a big mouth”.

India have scored 444 in the 1st innings.
Looks like a dedication to Super Star Rajinikanth on his birthday.
Today, Thalaivar is 64 (4*4*4).

Yesterday – Birthday of the first citizen of India.
Today – Birthday of the first citizen of Universe. #Rajinikanth


2 responses

  1. Very nice and funny one. Loved reading each of the points. Real fun…Lolsss…Keep posting with lots more…

    1. Thanks Shreya. Glad you loved the jokes.

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