Top 17 wordplay jokes in 2014

Sachin set to mentor next gen cricketers.
So, what’s the diff. b/w his present and past profession?
Present: Mentor batsmen.
Past: Torment bowlers.

Kamasutra 3D director to direct film on Modi. The theme will be the same.
Modi as chaiwala, party member, CM etc. Yes Yes. Different positions.

Satya Nadella returns to Twitter after 4 years. I suppose his LAST tweet, before 4 years, apparently must be “CEO later”.

Sachin must’ve become a Numerologist. Why? Here –
10dulkar. ‪#‎ten‬
5ali. ‪#‎anju‬
6jun. ‪#‎aaru‬
100ra. ‪#‎sau‬

Salman Khan calls AR Rahman ‘average’ !!!!!!!!!
Dei Salman Khan, you are so ‘mean’.

MK Alagiri meets Manmohan Singh. Well, he couldn’t keep dad on his side.
So, now, he is going to learn from Manmohan, how to keep mum.

Yuvi’s house pelted with stones! Dei fellows, do the reverse da.
If the house doesn’t perform well, pelt stones at its members.
‪#‎LokSabha‬ ‪#‎RajyaSabha‬

Whenever Modi talks, he begins with ‘PALS’ (Mitron).
In Kejriwal’s case, it’s the reverse. It begins with ‘SLAP’. Then he talks.

Iconic wrestler ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ dies at 54. Dying at 54 is ironic.
Because 54 in Roman is LIV.

Rafael Nadal must’ve been a dyslexic child who once learnt the sentence ‘I am clay potter’ as ‘I am clay topper’.

NASA Astronaut reveals space has a smell.
What do you call this discovery? A typical NASA stuff? Or NASA-L stuff.

British PM invites Aishwarya Bachchan to London. I think he’s planning to invite few more Aishwarya’s. So that he can say England got the ‘Ash-es’

Muralitharan joins Australia coaching staff as consultant. If he really wants to feel home, he should go for a name change. Murray-Lee-Darren.

Google to shut down Orkut in September.
Google is doing the reverse of what we did those days.
What we did? Orkut Scraps. And Google? Scraps Orkut.

Ban cell phones in schools to stop rapes, says Karnataka House panel.
Dei! Rather than taking away cell from victims, give cell to rapists, no!

Microsoft is expected to announce job cuts this week. The people who lose their jobs will tweet from their home, “I badly MS Office”.


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