Humor Monologue delivered at Toastmasters meeting – June 10, 2015

Read the set-up below and then read the humor monologue.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered)

1. Sri, during her speech, told that Eindhoven, the city where we live, is a city of nerds. The percentage of smart people in 2011 was 22%, she said.

2. Winshow, the host, called the guests as pre-members since at the end of this meeting they will be very much willing to join our club.

3. Winslow himself explained the supporting roles–ah counter, timer, grammarian etc– instead of asking the people who performed those roles to explain.

4. Justina talked about the importance of your voice and she asked us to give it rest whenever we can.

5. Rens said that if a tough guy touches your shoulder and intimidates you, do these 4 steps (he explained those steps).

6. This was the first meeting we recorded speeches. Every speaker accepted to record their speech except Justina. I performed the video-master role (to record speeches). I also performed timer role (to signal green, amber, red).

7. All the girls were sitting on the right-side of the hall.

8. Rubin’s table-topic was “How to keep memories of your holiday”. He talked brilliantly, but the grammarian pointed out that Rubin repeated most his words twice.

The Humor Monologue:
Video is available below. The first line of my monologue is not in this video. Watch the video, and also do read the lines below.

1. Good evening Toastmastnerds, membnerds, and pre-membnerds.

2. Next 2 minutes, until the end of this monologue, I’m going to give my voice rest.

3. Winslow gave an inspirational speech to make the pre-members as members. Now my speech is going to make all the members as past members.

4. When a tough guy touches my shoulder, do you know what I do? I use the technique I employ during the Toastmasters meetings. I start giving a speech and he’ll be asleep in 30 seconds.

5. Winslow, the toastmaster of the evening, explained all supporting roles, like ah counter, grammarian, timer all by himself. Then I was getting ready to hear 4 prepared-speeches and 4 evaluations from him.

6. In 2011, the percentage of smart people in Eindhoven was 22%. It dropped when I moved in.

7. Justina requested me to not record her speech because she has not put on make-up.

8. In any argument, girls are always right. Today, at this meeting too, they are right. [points to all the girls who were sitting on the right side]

9. Rubin’s speech was “How to keep memories of your holiday?” But he really worked hard on making us keep memories of his speech. He repeated everything twice.

10. Today, I had the camera and the lights. If you went over-speed or crossed when it was red, you would’ve got a ticket.


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