Humor Monologue delivered at Toastmasters meeting – April 6, 2016

Here is another Observational Humor monologue which was presented at the end of a Toastmasters meeting. First you’ll be able to read the set-up for each joke. Then I’ll share the joke. Next I’ll briefly comment on what made the joke work. Although the examples of Observational Humor are in the context of a Toastmasters meeting, the skills apply just the same to any meeting you might be attending. It’s a useful skill to develop. When you can drop in an observational line into any presentation it makes the content of your whole talk feel fresh and original.

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was presented)

1. Theme of the meeting was ‘April’. Table topics were based on ‘April fool’ theme.

2. One of the table topics was “What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?”. Tobias said, “Once I called my mom on April 1 and said that my daughter had broken her legs” to fool her.

3. Rens gave a speech about “Self defense techniques”. He brought an assistant with him. His assistant made self defense poses, and Rens explained the poses. I evaluated his speech.

4. Lupe gave her ice-breaker speech. She began her speech in 3rd person. Lupe is blah, Lupe is blah blah…

5. One of the table topics was “What causes the most mess at your house?”

6. Bogdan gave a speech about negotiation. He started his speech by asking the timer “I’ve got 20 minutes, right?” for which the timer told, “No, 14 minutes.” Then Bogdan said, “See. That’s negotiation.” Bogdan’s evaluator said that he couldn’t pronounce the word “Lowering” properly. So he advised him to replace “lowering” with “decreasing”.

7. Bogdan’s evaluator also asked him to tell the story first, and then write the theory part on the board or draw diagrams.

8. The timer, while explaining the role, said that if the speaker crosses the red light, she’ll start clapping, and the speaker has to stop.

9. Floris gave a presentation. The beamer didn’t start, and he had trouble with it for 5 minutes. Winslow joked that it was because of Floris’ Apple laptop.

The Humor Monologue
1. Good evening Toastmasters, Rens, and especially Ren’s assistant.
(Rule of 3. I used this line while doing the evaluation of Ren’s speech. Good laughter.)

2. Good evening Toastmasters, guests, and Bala.
(Callback to Lupe’s 3rd person reference. Good laughter)

3. Now Bala is going to tell jokes. And after every joke, you’re going to laugh for 20 hours, right? Okay. 20 seconds. See, negotiation.
(Continuing in the 3rd person. Followed by callback to the negotiation part. Exaggerated a bit to 20 hours. Moderate laughter.)

4. You must have noticed that I was not so harsh on Rens while evaluating his speech. Because he talked well, he gestured well, and more importantly I don’t have an assistant to help me with the defense.
(Rule of 3. Implied punchline that if I said something bad, Rens would hurt me.)

5. What causes the most mess at my home? It’s money. 50 euros, 100 euros lying all around…
(Paints a funny picture. Good laughter.)

(Callback to the theme of the meeting.)

7. Floris played “APPLE FOOL” joke.
(Wordplay. Huge laughter)

8. My speeches usually run over time, beyond red. I do that intentionally. Because that’s the only way by which I can get claps.
(Self deprecation. Huge laughter)

9. Tobias’ mother didn’t want to look like a fool. So she hired Rens’ assistant, sent him to Tobias’ home, and broke his daughter’s legs.
(Absurdity. Exaggeration. Just came up with a silly option that Tobias’ mom would choose to not look like fool. Breaking her own grand daughter’s legs to not look like a fool is absurd.)

10. I wanted to fool my mother. So I called her. “Mom, my daughter has broken her legs.” She was like, “But you don’t have a daughter…”
(Self deprecation. Absurdity. Silly. Huge laughter)

11. Bogdan proposed to his girlfriend, like this
[bent on one knee and acted like proposing, and did the role play]
GF: “What’s this?”
“Love ring”
“A what?”
“Love ring”
“Oh… you mean decreasing?”
(Word play on “lowering”. Very huge laughter.)

12. Okay, the story is over. Now starts the drawing session…
(Callback to telling the story first and do all the theory/drawings later. Weak closer)


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