Humor Monologue delivered at Toastmasters meeting – August 10, 2016

Here is another Observational Humor monologue which was presented at the end of a Toastmasters meeting. First you’ll be able to read the set-up for each joke. Then I’ll share the joke. Next I’ll briefly comment on what made the joke work. Although the examples of Observational Humor are in the context of a Toastmasters meeting, the skills apply just the same to any meeting you might be attending. It’s a useful skill to develop. When you can drop in an observational line into any presentation it makes the content of your whole talk feel fresh and original.

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was presented)
1. Alex’s speech was about the theory about boredom. During his speech, he stated the dictionary definition of ‘boredom’.

2. Alex told that in an experiment, a lot of people were locked in a room alone (to test their boredom). They were provided with some music to listen to, a picture to look at, and some device to electrocute themselves. A lot of them chose to electrocute themselves. One guy electrocuted himself 190 times.

3. The emcee told that many people would be coming late to the meeting. She said, “If someone knocks the door, that’s not a burglar”.

4. One speaker said that the most embarrassing thing happened to her was she saw a poster saying “SHOW YOUR TIT” at a party. Winslow said the most embarrassing thing in his life was when he was 10 and swimming, his friends took away his swim trunk and he had to come out of water naked (aka) birthday suit.

5. A table topic was “Can you survive in a party where you don’t know anyone?” Shane talked on that topic. He said that at his birthday party, 50 people showed up and a lot of them were strangers, but he talked with everyone.

6. Winslow said that one time he had no money, and he had to sell his shirt and tie that he was wearing to a random guy on road for 10$ to pay the taxi.

7. One of the guests said that he is interested in Obama and that’s why he joined Toastmasters.

8. Winslow said that Donald Trump does anything to get people’s attention. He even doesn’t shy away from talking about genitalia in his speeches.

9. One of the guests said that she is going to give a speech to 600 people next week.

The Humor Monologue
1. Alex talked about the theory of boredom. I’m here for the practicals.
(Self deprecation. Good opening line.)

2. If you hear someone knocking the door NOW, that must be a burglar.
(Truth. I delivered a monologue at the end of the meeting. I asked myself the question, “What if someone knocks the door now?” and came up with the reverse of what the emcee said.)

3. The most embarrassing moment in my life was when I came here (the stage) to give my first speech. I didn’t open my mouth… and the audience shouted “SHOW YOUR TEETH”.
(Wordplay. Rhymes with “Show your Tit”.)

4. I can survive a party where I don’t know anyone. But I CAN’T SURVIVE a party where I know everyone… My family gathering.
(Truth. Family gatherings are boring.)

5. Alex you are wrong. I electrocuted myself 196 times, not 190 times. I think when I electrocuted myself the 190th time, you got bored and stopped watching me.
(Drop into someone’s story.)

6. Shane was lying. At his birthday party, he didn’t talk to me… and my 49 cousins.
(Self deprecation that my cousins and I enter some random party for free food.)

7. Good thing was that Shane wasn’t on birthday suit.
(Callback to “birthday suit” at right place.)

8. The guy didn’t exactly ask for Winshlow’s shirt and tie. His exact words were, “Show your tit.”
(Absurd. Call back to the catch phrase. Best line of the monologue.)

9. Boredom is the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. This definition itself is boring.
(Kind of irony)

10. When the people were put alone in the room, they had 3 coices – listen to music (or) look at a picture (or) electrocute themselves. Most of them electrocuted themselves because it was Justin Bieber music and Donald Trump’s picture.
(Why? I asked myself why they did electrocute themselves, and came up with this idea. Since Justin Bieber’s music AND Donald Trump’s hair are ridiculed.)

11. If you’re interested in Obama, you join Toastmasters. If you’re interested in Trump, you have to join Psychiatric Hospital.
(Unexpected punchline. These 2 lines follow the same pattern, but ending with the unexpected place as punchline.)

12. “Pen is mightier than sword.” Trump used this as his campaign slogan… with a minor difference – “Penis mightier than sword.”
(Wordplay. Callback to Trump’s genitalia reference.)

13. Jasmin, you’re going to give a speech to 600 people? I have a tip. Give the speech 600 times… to each one of them.. alone in a room.
(Absurd. Call back to being alone in a room.)

14. If you excuse me, I’m going to electrocute all of you.
(Self deprecation. Reverse. Instead of electrocuting themselves, I electrocute each of them implying that they got bored listening to my monologue. Good closer.)


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