Author Profile: Mark

Name: Mark
Identification:I wear yellow-colored goggles.
Profession: I work in a software company. And I also invented virus programs.
Favorite Humorists: Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Barry, Erma Bombeck, Douglas Adams, and of course, Bala, the co-author of this blog, is not in the list.
Why humor?: I am bad at Mathematics. So I chose humor. Because this gives me a chance to make people laugh and practice counting their teeth.
Best joke: I don’t write jokes quite often because I am always busy stealing others’. Still, my personal favorite is, “The phrase ‘Think outside the box’ must have hurt a lot the one who invented the box”.
Ambition: I want to create a software that will do something that humans can’t do and will never do: “Laughing at my jokes”.


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