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Confession… Confession… Confessions Everywhere

Facebook confessions are getting popular lately. It just amazes me how people are getting time for confessing in Facebook, when there are more important tasks like sending Farmville requests.

But really Facebook confessions are getting very popular. Every college has a confessions page in Facebook. Even my tutorial college. If you don’t trust me, just login to Facebook, type your college name followed by ‘confessions’. By the time you finished typing it, you would have received 26 Farmville game requests.

FB Confession

FB Confession

Confession is nothing but declaration of one’s faults, misdeeds, or crimes. Confessions are common everywhere. Ever since the world began, man has been confessing. That’s true. You can’t expect a woman to confess. If you see a woman admitting her mistake, then you’re probably dreaming… in the 16th level. Because science has proved that women don’t confess until the 15th level of dreams.

Following are some confessions made by men in daily life

“Honey, you have just burnt down our house. But it’s not your mistake, rather my mistake. Because I am the one who bought the match box… And the house.”

“Darling, sorry, that is again my mistake. That is actually our neighbor’s house.”

People (Men) normally would confess to a priest in a church. Similarly, in Facebook church, the confessions page admin acts like a priest. The only difference is that you call a priest as ‘father’, but the Facebook page admin as ‘mama’ or ‘machan’ (Tamil slang words which mean dude or saala).

Similarly, the holy book is replaced by Facebook. The only difference between these two is that the former is read-only, but the latter is “read and write”. Sometimes you can also delete.

Speaking of Facebook, youths of this decade are not utilizing all the options available on Facebook. They are only using quite few features, when there are actually more extremely useful features, such as ‘Log out’ and ‘Deactivate my account permanently’.

There is a saying “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” This quote is replaced by the new one: “Show me which your college confessions Facebook page is and I’ll tell you how good your college is.”

Someone who builds a new college would want to publicize the college like this: “Our college has all the things you need – modern equipment in the labs, well-experienced professors, and more importantly a banyan tree.” Yeah, banyan trees play a vital role in students’ life. Without which cross-departmental loves wouldn’t have been possible at all.

Confessions, in a Facebook confessions page, are sent to the admin in the following format
#Department and year of passing out (optional)
#Confession message – 50% of the messages are about how big the banyan tree was when he/she studied in that college. And the remaining 50% messages are about the uses of banyan tree, which even the person who studied Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, M.B.B.S. would not know.

Confession page is created for you to confess your mistakes. Ironically, some people commit the mistake in the confessions page itself. They are the ones who propose to a boy or girl in the page.

I was also attracted by the confessions craze. So I found out my college’s confession page on Facebook and I wanted to confess the worst thing I had ever done in my life. I sent the following message to the admin

#Criminal department
Hi friends, I have to confess this serious thing. I know how bad you would have felt when I did that cruelest thing to you all. Sorry about the sixty-six thousand Farmville requests I’ve sent to you so far. That made many of you utilize the extremely useful features of Facebook. I am really sorry and I promise you that I will not send any more Farmville requests. From now on, expect ‘Criminal Case’ game requests. Thank you for your co-operation.

Note: More posts will follow in this series, like best ways to confess, the difficulty of being an admin etc. Keep reading.

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