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The fall of Indian Rupee

“Indian rupee weakens against Dollar, Euro and Pound” – If you don’t see this news on TV on a day, then I bet there must be power cut on that day. Indian rupee weakens against all other currencies every day. At this rate, very soon, it’ll weaken against Paisa.

I pity those Britishers who ruled India. They felt the Indian Rupee’s effect in 1700s itself. Yeah, the London bridge was falling down. Rupee is always falling down. I think that the only time rupee goes up is when someone tosses it.

The largest religion in India is Hinduism. Some people say that it’s cricket. But I predict that rupee will be the largest religion. If you don’t trust me, just look how fast the “conversion rate to Rupee” is going high every day.

I seriously don’t like the fellows who make the joke – When INR goes down, NRIs are happy – everytime rupee falls down. I would like to find out those fellows, advise them to create new jokes, and wash their INR, NRI brains with RIN.

I went to a hospital one day because there was powercut at my home and I wanted to watch the news. In the hospital, I saw a father crying to a doctor, “Doctor… Doctor, please take out a rupee coin from my kid’s mouth” The doctor consoled the father, “Cool down. I can’t help. I’m not a specialist in that. I’m giving you my friend’s card. Go and meet him, and he’ll definitely help. He normally takes out coins from mouth, buttocks and lot other places. He’s a famous magician.” The father started crying even more, “Haiyooo… doctor, my kid has swallowed a rupee. please take out the coin through his mouth.” The doctor understood and replied, “Oh! Don’t worry. Still I can’t take the rupee through mouth. Don’t you watch news? Rupee never goes up. Wait for a day. It’ll automatically come down, through buttocks. You don’t even have to feed your kid banana.”

The other day, I was arguing with my father that nowadays we can’t get anything for a rupee. My father put his point across, “Hey son, you can get a lot of things for a rupee, like a small chocolate, shampoo sachet and scolding from a beggar. Put one rupee coin to a beggar and you will pick up all X-rated words from him.”

The first “rupee” is believed to be introduced by Sher Shah Suri in 16th century in India. Then after its introduction, and after the introduction of Indian politicians, it slowly started migrating to Swiss banks.

Each banknote has its amount written in 17 languages (English & Hindi on the front, and 15 others on the back) illustrating the diversity of the country. What it means that is you have the option to watch in 17 languages, the news about Rupee downfall.

Nowadays in India, employers are not paying their employees good amount of money and, at the same time, rupee value is going down. In other words, you can say that Indians are working for “rupeenuts.” Please don’t take me wrong; I don’t know how to say rupeenuts in the other 16 languages.

My grand father, while he was on his death bed, requested us one thing, “When I die and you take my corpse to the burial ground, please don’t stick one rupee on my forehead. It’s not that I don’t respect Indian currency, but because rupee is something that will fall down anyway.”

Jokes apart. We should do something to stabilize rupee and for its growth. We should also stop thinking about foreign currencies. But how are we going to do it? That’s a five hunderd and forty eight lakh sixty six thousand and three sixty three rupees question. That’s the equivalent of a million dollars.

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