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What Are You Afraid Of?

Everybody must be afraid of something. Somebody, of dark; somebody, of water; somebody, of Arnab Goswami.

Mark, Mathijs (who are my co-jugglers) and I were discussing what we are afraid of. Mark told he has fear of heights and he’s trying to overcome that fear.

I said that I don’t have fear of anything.

Mathijs told that he has fear of dogs. He said, “They are scary. The dog owners should hang a notice on the dogs that will read ‘Please keep 10 feet distance away from the dog. Otherwise, today, you’ll be the dog food. Thank you'”.

I will look for you; I will find you; and I will kill you.

I will look for you; I will find you; and I will kill you.

One thing is for sure: Such people who fear dogs, will never dare to go near the dogs even if the dogs start using Axe deo spray.

Mathijs kept on describing how much fear he has for dogs. He finally said, “Dogs are scary, Ok. Still, I can be in the same room with dogs… but…”

I completed the sentence for him: “You can be in the same room with dogs. But… can’t have sex with them?”


Mathijs looked at me “angrily”.

OK. Now… I have fear of Mathijs.


Juggling joke and a topper

I am a juggler. I juggle balls, clubs, and rings. To have more fun, many jugglers meet on Friday and juggle together from 20:15 until we feel like juggling (normally until 22:30). This juggling group is full of talented people (Not only juggling talent, but man, they are like wowwww, music, science, writing, invention etc.). This is our website:

Everyone in that group is my favorite. I’ll write another post about the talents each person in our group has. But, this post is about the timing joke that I made and the topper that Mark made.

Mark is my favorite because he is funny; He also speaks 12 languages.

Today, 23rd August, as usual we met and juggled together. When we started, Tim showed a video on his mobile. This is the video:


This is video of a girl hoola hooping about 25 rings, and at the same time, she was drinking a glass of wine. Everyone was like whoaaaa!!! Tim had brought some rings to practice hoola hooping. Nobody in our group does hoola hooping. We juggle balls, clubs, rings, walk on rope, but no hoola hooping.

I told Tim, “I can’t do 25. Maybe I can start with one”.

Then Tim gave me a ring and said, “Yes, come on. Start with one.”

I said, “I mean I will first start with one glass of wine.”

Mark pitched in and said, “I will go one step ahead and try with 3… glasses of wine”.

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