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Raja sir – The legend

Ilaiyaraaja sir is an Indian music composer who has been entertaining everybody with his brilliant compositions since 1976. If you are a music lover and don’t know who he is, then, probably, you must be driving a car… that has no FM… and stuck in a traffic jam that hasn’t cleared up in the last 36 years.

Couple of months ago, Gautham Menon’s new movie ‘Neethaane en ponvasantham’ (You are my golden spring) teaser was released. The first 40 secs of the song ‘Ennodu vaa vaa endru solla maaaten, unnai vittu veru engum poga maaten’ (I won’t tell, “come with me… come with me”. I won’t go anywhere else, leaving you) was featured in the teaser. It’s a brilliant composition by Raja sir and I got addicted to the song. Here is that song.

Just don’t think that it’s a Tamil song and you don’t want to listen to it. Music has no language. You should take a cue from the music legends who listen to any music irrespective of the language. For example, Pritam and Anu Malik, who even listen to Korean songs and Turkish songs… and copy those tunes in Hindi.

When I was a kid, my neighborhood annas (brothers) would always listen to Ilaiyaraaja sir songs. I would ask them, “What is there in these songs? I mean, these songs are nowhere closer to ‘Aati kya Khandala’ song.” But, when I grew up, I realized that my neighborhood annas were right – i.e. Raja sir is a legend and… ‘Aati kya Khandala’ song wouldn’t work with all the girls.

Raja sir is a genius. He’s just amazing. He once composed a song with just 3 notes. Listen from 1:01 to 7:33 of this song. I only have 3 words to praise Raja sir’s work – “Sir, you god” … or in his language “Sa Re Ga”.

People say that Raja sir should have got Oscar award for many of his works. Forget it, Raja sir is far beyond awards like Oscar. He’s someone who can’t be described by 12 music notes or 26 English alphabets. He deserves more, say, for example, “BJP guv – max fq lynch skid towerz” award. If you are wondering what that award is, I just made it up with all 26 alphabets of English.

This ‘Ennodu vaa vaa’ song is so addictive that I was listening to it all the time. I would play this song in my mobile, my mom’s mobile, my laptop, the tv, the microwave oven. OK, not in the microwave oven. I also taught my parrot this song, in case there is a power failure and all electronic instruments fail to work. My mom got irritated by my activities. One day, she shouted, “Dei, the fridge is playing that same song da, what did you do to the fridge?” I said, “Open the fridge door, mom. You might find inside the fridge my mobile… or the parrot.”

I played this song for a day. Then for a month. My mom couldn’t bear my activities. She pleaded me not to play the song any more, “Dei, why do you play the same song again and again?” I would say, “Mom, aren’t you making idly and sambhar daily? Are we asking you anything?” My mom would respond, “Dei, that’s food da. And moreover, there’s a reason for you to not question me about the food.” I asked her, “What? What’s the reason?” She said, “One should not talk while eating. That is one reason for you to be silent.”

One of my neighbors, who has to cross our house to go to work, happens to listen to the song ‘Ennodu vaa vaa’ (Thanks to my Creative loud speaker), which my family members always happen to listen to. One day, that neighbor uncle asked me, “Why are you always listening to this song? What’s there in this song? I mean, it’s nowhere closer to ‘Aati kya Khandala’.”

Yesterday, I was getting ready for work, and as usual, I was playing ‘Ennodu vaa vaa’ song in the CD player, at full volume. I shouted, “Mom, I’m getting ready for work. Is the breakfast ready?” My mom replied, “What? Unnoda office varavaa?” I said, “No, mom. The breakfast.” My mom responded, “Oh, the breakfast? It’s ready. It’s in the hot box.” I went to the dining table and opened the hot box to have the breakfast. To my surprise, I found no idlies. I found ‘aloo paratha’ inside. And there was a menu card beside the hot box. It read, “Tonight’s dinner menu: Parrot curry.”

Note: If you’re interested in listening to the full song, here it is. Addictive song.

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