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Why Ramesh Srivats sir is overrated?

Ramesh Srivats sir, GQ digital man of the year 2012, is one of my inspirations for writing. He’s a master of wordplay, especially puns. The tweet that made me start following him was

“I have a dream. That one day. People will stop reacting to *every* event with the comment – Why this Kolaveri, di?”

The main reason for his jokes to become popular is the correct placement of punctuation. I wouldn’t have found the above one funny had it not been punctuated like this. He had given pauses and stress at correct places.

Just because I was inspired by him, most of my one-liners are wordplays too. The one-liners which made me feel good about myself are all wordplays. Following are some of them

1. Some politicians eat money. And some eat nothing. #Anna
2. People appoint politicians. Politicians disappoint people.
3. Musicians, when they are alive, compose. After death, decompose.
4. Jiah Khan was drunk when she committed suicide, says forensic. Meh! Anybody can say that. Because, the next morning, people found she was “hung-over”.
5. Farmers send letter written in blood to Narendra Modi. Hmmm, waste of blood. Because politicians would consider *any* letter from people “bloody letter”.

Whenever I would think of making an one-liner on a topic, I would just imagine I’m disciple of Ramesh sir and what sort of word play he would appreciate. He had such an influence on my one-liners. I even started following the format of his jokes. i.e. imagining where I should pause and adding words like ‘da’, ‘dei’, ‘meh’ etc. They add lot of punch to the jokes, really.

Once, I made a portrait of Ramesh sir and sent to him. Guess what! I got no response from him. OK, that’s his wish. To reply or not (He may get 1000s of such messages from many). Look at the portrait below.

Such a great man seems to have lost his touch lately. The frequency of posting has gone down too. The quality of his posts has also gone down. All he tweets about nowadays are what he drinks, who he drinks with, how many glasses he drinks etc. Even when he tweets about other things, the quality isn’t that good. If the quality was good, someone would have already beaten him to it. By a day or two.

In some cases, he isn’t coming up with a new tweet, but rather reusing the tweet that he made last year or the year before that.

One night, he tweeted that he was high on alcohol and posted some jokes on some other topic too. And after that, he put one more tweet saying that he would delete those tweets next morning since he was drunk.

@Ra_Bies sly tweeted the next day
“You were not drunk last night if you remember the happenings and events after you had your drinks”

Ramesh sir, apart from wordplay, also does anagrams. The last one from him was about DRS.
“Dharmasena is an anagram of ‘Aha! Mean DRS'”.

For which, again, @Ra_Bies sly tweeted
“Every word written in English has numerous anagrams & dozens of sites there to help you. Nothing funny in finding a stupid anagram. Thanks”

@Ra_Bies was absolutely right. Not much thought involved in creating an anagram.

All Ramesh sir could do nowadays on Twitter
1. Lame jokes
2. Anagrams
3. Link to old tweets
4. Tweets about his drinking habit
5. Occasionally, one or two good tweets.

There are many others on Twitter who come up with burst of thoughts. Some of them are @bhak_sala, @doctoratlarge, @Ra_Bies, @coolfunnytshirt, @roflindian. I follow these people. They constantly come up with nice jokes and very consistent. Even though they enjoy good amount of followers, they don’t look like Twitter Gods in Media’s eyes just because of *one* good tweet by Ramesh sir. That’s unfair. While looking at the creativity of these people on twitter, I sometimes think whether Ramesh sir is overrated. In @Funny_Leone joke format: “People call you Twitter God. Maybe they are all atheists.”

And at the end, people would ask “Ramesh sir, how do you do this? What is the secret behind such good tweet?” for which sir would say “Hehehe… whiskey”. If whiskey is the secret of such good tweets, why delete the tweets that are done while high on alcohol?

After reading this post, all Ramesh sir fans will bash me. I would like to say one thing to all of them. Ok, two things.

1. I am still a big fan of Ramesh sir. I would like to see that old Ramesh sir on Twitter who was the master of words. And also consistent.
2. Sir, you make everyone on Twitter Rahul Dravids. That too with just one tweet. That’s unfair. That’s not your mistake, but it’s just because of the number of followers you have. Let the Rahul Dravids be Sachin Tendulkars at least for a day.

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