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Tabletopics Humor

Table-topics is one of the sections in every Toastmasters meeting, where the Table-topics master would call any of the audience randomly and give a topic on the spot and ask him/her to speak on that. This is a part of Toastmasters meeting to develop the speakers’ spontaneity. I was called to speak in table-topics in today’s Toastmasters meeting. Wilhelm was the table-topics master today. He called me and gave me a badge. That badge read “MISSION TO MALAWI 2009”. He asked me to speak on this topic and what I liked the most about that mission. I had to speak for 2 to 3 minutes. I decided to do this speech humorously. Coming up with some funny lines in few seconds is really difficult. I tried a little bit. Here is my speech.

“Mission to Malawi in 2009.” 2009 is an important year. Because that was the year in which I was born. My parents sent me on this mission as soon as I was born.

Malawi is a nice place. There are lot of good things about it. But the bad thing about is I can’t remember the name Malawi. Yes, I can’t remember the name Mala… wait, I’ve forgotten… once again. Wait, let me look at the badge. *I take a look at the badge* Oh yeah, it’s Malawi. Thanks for giving me this badge, Wilhelm. Without this, I would’ve been lost. It’s worse than getting lost in Malawi.

I was on a big ship, travelling to Malawi. The ship is bigger than Titanic. The only difference between the two ships is that my ship reached the destination safely. Ok, “safely” is redundant word in the last sentence. The proof is me. I am standing in front of you, talking. What it means is that either the ship should’ve reached safely. or there was no girl in that ship.

There were lot of beautiful women in the ship. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Don’t mistake me. I was just sightseeing.

There are lot of things there which I will never forget in my life. But, my bad, I keep on forgetting the name of the place. *I look at the badge once again* MALAWI, it is.

I can keep on talking about that place and the mission. But, there is no time and I can’t remember the name Malawi more than 3 seconds. so, thank you.

Most of the lines got laughs. Some of them are lame though.

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