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London, Paris, Venice – Dream only da.

Story of a guy who wanted to fly – No, not superman. Not Shaktimaan, either. I am different. For ease, you can call me super shaktiless man.

I desperately wanted to roam around Europe, especially the cities like California, New York, Cambodia. But money? I didn’t have. The ticket itself would cost more than Rs. 50,000. So, I started saving every penny I could, and tried to deposit in the bank, but the bank people threw me out and scolded in green green words. When asked for the reason, they told they don’t accept pennies.

Bank guy: Sir, we only accept Indian Rupees.
Me: OK, alright! Take me to Europe. I’ll deposit this penny in a branch over there.
Bank guy: How many times I should tell you, We only accept Indian Rupees. Do you hear? We only accept INDIAN RUPEES.
Me: Man, you’re racist.
Bank guy: What? Racist? Man, I can’t resist.
Me: Wow!! Are we playing ‘word play’? OK. My turn now. I need to deposit a penny here. Can you ASSIST?
Bank guy: I am going to twist your wrist. So, better see a dentist.
Me: Dentist for wrist?? Isn’t dentist someone who fixes the car dents?
Bank guy: Ohhhhh Jeeesus Christ!!!

So, basically it didn’t go well. I ran out of ‘ist’ words.

Eiffel Tower

There are many good reasons to go to a foreign country, like, to climb Eiffel tower, to visit the Rome Colosseum, or to watch Vishwaroopam in Tamil. Whenever Kamal’s movie gets released, normally fans will fly high. But, for Vishwaroopam, they have to literally fly high. OK. It’s not a post about Vishwaroopam. Let’s get back to the problem more severe than Vishwaroopam – WishEuropePalm.

I was looking for a way to raise money for my vacation. I didn’t know any way. So I looked up to pray god. All I could see was a Qatar flight flying, and all the people on board were laughing at me.

Finally, I found one easy way to raise money – Ask dad.

Me: Dad, I need 25 million dollars.
Dad: Are you kidding? I don’t have 25 million dollars.
Me: OK. Just give me 3 lakhs. I know you have 3 lakhs.
Dad: You’re tricking me. But why do you need 3 lakhs?
Me: I am planning to fly to Europe.
Dad: Europe? Nope. Nope.

It didn’t workout. So I gave an ad in the newspaper: “Hello Indian Cricket Board, I am seeing the Indian team performance degrading lately. If you are looking for a good player, I would like to say that I’m a good battist and bowlist. Take me to England tour. And let’s also put some friendly matches with France and Italy.”

I tried another ad. “I am on sale. International delivery available. Especially to France, Italy, and England. International delivery from as low as 3 lakhs.” But somehow, my ads never work out.

I again thought of giving another try with my dad.

Me: Dad, I need 25 million dollars.
Dad: Are you kidding? I don’t have… 25… er, even 1 dollar.

Nothing worked out. So I decided to buy a loan for my Europe trip. I went to the same bank where I had problems earlier. It looked like the bank building had been recently painted. There was also a big advertisement board outside, which read, “We don’t accept pennies here”.

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