New Here?

Dear Reader,

Are you new to our blog? Following are some of the series on this blog that might interest you.

Boost with Bala. Maltova with Mark: Have you got any burning question? It can be anything about life, the universe, and everything. Tell us here. We will try to answer your question in a funny way. And the q/a will also appear on our blog.

Facebook Fast: How many of you hate many things about facebook, for example Farmville requests, status updates about how many tissue papers are left in the toilet etc. This series is about the funny things that happened during my experimentation, which I call “Facebook Fast”, during which I stayed away from Facebook.

House Warming Function: It’s a series of posts about the funny things one will encounter while building a house.

Observational Humor Monologues: I love observational humor. I deliver observational humor monologues in some meetings. i.e. I observe the meeting and deliver a monologue based on the things that happen during the meeting. This is a collection of such monologues.

Other Posts: There are many other posts all over the blog. Use the category on the right side of the blog to find the post you might like.


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