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Billa II – Movie Review

Billa II movie review? I know it is too late. But still, uploading it on our blog. (Actually, I wrote this review for another blog in July 2012)
Billa 2

Stylish, Sexy, Mind-blowing – These are the 3 words that I have for Billa-II…’s heroine Bruna Abdullah. In case, if I get a chance to meet her, I have 3 other words for her.

Billa-II is the first ever prequel made in Indian cinema. The shooting of this movie started an year ago, and the crew maintained a big hype throughout the year. Did they live upto the expectation? To know that, go on and read… some other review.

In Billa-I, we saw David Billa as don of dons. Since Billa-II is a prequel to Billa-I, the story line of this movie should be something like this: How David Billa, a common man, turns in to a don of dons. Everyone can predict the story even without watching the movie. So, if the director had any intention of keeping the audience at the theater, while they watch the movie, he should have made a gripping screenplay or locked all the exits of the theater.

The director of this movie, Chakri Toleti, has shown maturity in many places in the movie. Especially for this, he has dyed the hair of villain, Abbasi (Sudanshu Pandey), gray. Bruna Abdullah is the girlfriend of Abbasi. She is stylish, sexy, and mind-blowing.

The dialogue writers of this movie have done a good job. The dialogues are crispy and powerful. But damn, they have rarely given any dialogue to sweetheart, Bruna Abdullah. The costume designers have done the same thing, too. I mean, they have done a good job, too.

Billa is a refugee in TamilNadu. He gets an assignment in the refugee camp and he does it successfully, then he joins thiruchitrambalam annachi and starts working for him. And he gets a chance to do a work for the gray-haired villain, Abbasi. He finishes that successfully and gets a good name. Later, things don’t go well between Billa and Abbasi. So Billa kills Abbasi and takes over all his businesses, like drug dealings; killing people for money; maintaining a sexy, stylish, mind-blowing Bruna Abdullah.

Another villain, Dimitri (Vidyut Jamwal), is an arms dealer in Georgia. In his introduction scene, one of the gun buyers calls him a fool and Dimitri kills all 8 guys in that gang, for that. If Dimitri were a resident of West Bengal, he would kill everyone there. Because the Bengalis pronounce full as fool.

*A Bengali invites Dimitri for lunch… Dimitri has good food there*
Bengali: Are you foool?
Dimitri: Did you call me a fool? *Takes out the gun*
Bengali: You have gone? (gun in Bengali slang)
Dimitri: No, I am steeel here. *shoots*

There are lot of fight sequences in the movie. Most of them are gun shots. During one of the gun fights, somebody must have killed the logic. And it must have happened in the very first fight sequence. In the climax fight, 3 members from Billa’s gang (including Billa), attack Dimitri’s factory, which nearly has 1000s of people with dangerous guns. And obviously, Billa wins the battle. Probably those 1000 people have misunderstood villain’s order – Shoot at sight – and doing “Shoot at side” of Billa.

The producer told the media that it’s not Bond kind of movie, but Bourne kind of. Sure, it’s Bourne kind of. The name of the movie could be “Bourne Abdullah”. Damn! I’m obsessed with Bruna Abdullah.

The movie works only because of Ajith’s screen presence. All in all, it’s one-man show. And one woman shows.

I have an idea for the next part in Billa series, which is a prequel to Billa-II: How gray-haired Abbasi managed to get such a hot girlfriend (Bruna Abdullah) and optionally, what was Billa doing at that time, somewhere in India.

P.S: I’m a hardcore Ajith fan. But the director has messed the movie up. This post is not to hurt any Ajith fan… or to praise the beauty of Bruna Abdullah. Watch the movie for Thala.

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