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IPL 2013 jokes/one-liners

This is the compilation of one-liners I wrote during the first week and the last 2 weeks of IPL.

This week’s update:
One Rahul gave ‘a word’ and another Rahul got ‘award’. (Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Dravid)

Chetan Bhagat’s next novel will also link Punjab and Tamilnadu. And the name of the novel will be “The two Husseys”.

If Software Engineers start a new political party, their party symbol should be ‘hand’… holding down alt+tab key (Cricinfo and Java Eclipse).

Irony in Cricket. Captain wins the toss and elects to bowl because there is little grass on the wicket. And then the bowlers start bowling all full tosses.

Kohli won the toss and elected to bowl. He said that he wanted to make use of the grass on the wicket. Logically if he wanted to make use of the grass, he should’ve let a cow in. i.e. Maattu Gayle.

Seems that in this IPL, Angelo Mathews will give a tough competition to MS Dhoni… in saying more “you know”s during the presentation.

RCB is the only multi-ethnic cricket side in IPL. It has a Christian, Mohammad, Singh, and an Ayarwal.

Wow!! CSK have won. For his best performance, Dwayne Bravo will get man of the ‘Naach’ award. #dance

RP Singh’s father, to RP Singh: Vazhkaila jeikanumna ovvoru step’a eduthu vaikanum. And we know what happened. “Over Step”. #SelfThoo

If a batsman hits the ball out of the ground off the last ball to win the match, that would be called ‘lost-ball finish’.

No matter how poor the bowler bowls the super over, it will still be called ‘super’ over.

DD’s new coach is ViVi.

Sachin hits 6 sixes and a four. #40

Dhoni batted and scored runs, kept the wicket and took a catch, but didn’t take a wicket. So after winning the match, he took the wicket with him. (comment about Dhoni taking the stumps with him after winning the match)

This IPL is well balanced. Captains like Gambhir, Dhoni, Kohli are playing sensibly, whereas captains like Mathews, Ponting, Sangakkara are sitting out. We either do see “captain’s knock” or “captain’s knockout”.

If the ball flies up in the air towards a fielder and he drops the catch, the reaction of the co-fielders would be like, ‘caaaaaaa…tcha’.

Yusuf Pathan’s map today. Dugout -> Duckout -> Dugout.

#IPL – RR vs SRH
Interesting competition between the two on which will come first. “Strategic Timeout” or “All Out”. (When SRH were 6 down in 6 overs)

For SRH, he’s Darren ‘Saaamy’. (Saamy = god)

Narine, Pollard, Gayle, Sammy, Smith, Bravo. West Indians are performing superbly one after another. This IPL is definitely ‘Parade of the Caribbean’.

Gayle storm predicted. Bowlers are advised not to leave their home for the next 3 hours.

This IPL is turning out to be a great great, er… dance competition.

If RCB’s top four fail, then RCB will fail making to top four.

If Ponting+Tendulkar is ‘Pondulkar’, then Raina+Hussey is ‘Rassey’. That’s what CSK fans are doing. #Rasi #Enjoy

Breaking: Bisla’s runout’s replay lasted longer than a normal Murali Vijay’s inning.

Spinners (tan) the ball, fielders (cot) the ball, and the winning captains (sin) the ball

When Rajasthan Royals fans show the sign “Way to go Faulkner”, it looks like a suicidal advice to me. “Way to go fall kenaru.” #SelfThoo

Mumbai Indians score 30 runs in one over. Tees Maar Gonnnnne.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Today is Mother’s, Brother’s, and Indians’ Day. Yes, it’s “Mum Bhai Indians” Day.

Two guys who hit 50 today are Dhawan and Pollard. In other words, it was “Pollardhawan” show today.

Punjab beat Bangalore and Chennai beat Delhi.
Smile on Punjab and Chennai’s face. Just like the climax of Chetan Bhagat’s “2 States”.

PWI captain Finch, after winning their first IPL match: “What!!! We have won? Am I dreaming? Finch me.”

During the KKR vs PWI match, the crowd was shouting “KKR… KKR… KKR”. Apparently Yusuf Pathan decoded that as “Kick Yaar”.

Sreesanth arrested for spot-fixing. Brought shame on the most respected RR. Now he’ll have to deal with some spot-spitting too, when people say “SreesanThooooo”.

Throughout this IPL, Yusuf Pathan struggled with timing the ball. And finally, yesterday, he made contact with the ball. (comment about Pathan kicking the ball)

The bookies wasted their money by paying Sreesanth. Better strategy would’ve been paying the captain and the coach. And ask them to select Sreesanth in the playing XI.

During presentation:
Couple of days ago
Dravid: “Stuart Binny is a really improved player now. Matured and it is time that the national selectors also take note of his performance.”
Gambhir: “Yusuf Pathan is a really improved player now. Matured and it is time that the national selectors also take note of his performance. Er, I mean the national football team selectors.”

When Yusuf Pathan kicked the ball with his leg, Parnell, the bowler, did the right thing. He appealed to the ‘LEG’ umpire.

Gilly gave, kept, and took… wicket. (when Gilly took his first wicket)

It’s raining in the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Probably because these guys are playing today. ‘Rain’a, Bad’rain’ath, ‘Rain’dra Jadeja.

If a batsman comes down the crease and plays a cracking shot, the commentators would say, “good use of feet”. From now on, they should say the same for cases like Yusuf Pathan.

RCB’s dependencies
Today -> Rainfall
Tomorrow -> Sunrise(ers) (when RCB were depending on rain and SRH match result)

Pune Warriors performed very poorly this IPL. Angry PWI fans have done the damage to Ali Murtaza’s head. (comment about Murtaza’s haircut)

The most entertaining part of Delhi Dare Devils’ batting is the… strategic timeout.

SRH vs KKR match will decide who (RCB, SRH) will “go forth” and who will “go fourth”.

A note to all the people who wake up early on Sundays: “Sunday Risers, ‘Hi there, bad’…”

In IPL 2013, Delhi Daredevils had been so consistent in batting… collapse.

If KKR had won against SRH yesterday
Gambhir: “We did it for Kohli.”
Bisla: “We did it for Kohli.”
Yusuf Pathan: “We did it for David Beckham”.

MR. Sharma playing in today’s CSK vs MI Qualifier IPL match. I mean M sharma and R sharma.

If Sandeep Sharma were part of CSK or MI, it would’ve been MRS. Sharma.

Today is “Everybody’s-status-update-is-IPL-is-nothing-but-8-teams-fighting-hard-to-play-against-CSK-in-the-final” Day. #SameBoringMessageEveryYear

Raina – 2 catches.
Raina: “Vijay macha, you take next catch”
Vijay – 2 catches.
Vijay: “Hussey macha, you take next catch”
Hussey – 2 catches.
Hussey: “Bravo macha, you take next catch”
Bravo – 2 catches.
In short, “catches win machas”.

There is only a fine line between “non-spot-fixer” and “non-stop-fixer”.

Some “boys caught.”
And then some (audience) “boycott”.

From now on, when the bookies say ‘hello’ over phone, police will interpret that as ‘yellow’. #CSK

Breaking: Ravindra Jadeja is also involved in spot fixing. He has fixed something on the spot below his nose.

Today, during the post-match presentation, we saw Rohit Sharma ‘sign a new ball’ and ‘Saina Nehwal’.

Rohit Sharma collected 10 crores during the presentation as MI are the champions. Rohit, good captaincy. Now, “Keep 10 C”.

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